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LX-ST02 Automatic Silicone Coating Machine

  • Product Brand Lixin
  • Product Model LX-ST02
  • Product Description LX-ST02 Automatic Silicone Coating Machine...

Prodcut name LX-ST02 fully automatic silicone coating machine


LX-ST02 fully automatic silicone coating machine: 

1)applicable to woven t ape and narrow fabrics coating 
2)wave type coating

parts composed of this machine

1)japan roy keane and human -computer interface operation  is adopted.

2)japan mitsubishi PLCK control system is equipted.

3)taiwan hayley general inverter is used.

4)taiwan servo motor and variable speed motor is installed.

scope of it 's usage

1)one copy of textle liquid silicon skm2 coating  processing  equipment.

2)all kinds of the ribbon woven label ,underwear condole belt bag  webbing ,rubbery jacquard with coating .

3)suitable for all kinds of lace silica  gel coating.

4)in the nets sox sox mouth silica gel coating.

5)the waistband sexy lingerie a chip bra silica gel stop  slippery coating.

6)leica cloth of all kinds of textile fabric stop sippery coating.

7)excersice self control clothing  tight pack silicone thin body to  prevent sippery coating.

8)outdoor  sports shoes bag of  cutting the fabric  such as stop slipery coating.

9)household curtain cloth outdoor sillica gel coating uv light.

shape of products processed by this machine

1)can drop straight line from silica gel.

2)can drop waving line fron silica gel.

3)can drop net shape  from silica gel.

4)can paste silicone on the the board of textitle products.

5)can add color paste dye essence to silicone

Finished samples:


After-sale service and technological  surpport:

1)for clients,home and abroad ,company is responsible for installing ,adjusting machine ,providing thchnological 

surpport  free.

2)retail  the silicone material  solving the cilents' trouble that it is difficult for  them to find the suitable silicone 


3)the machine can be matained for life time free ,except the damages caused by men.

4)receving the maintaining information from clients' inside province ,we can reach  there within 12hours.

5)receving clients' maintaining information outside province,we can reach wihin24hours.


1)easily to be operated .a man can operate several pieces of machine meawhile.

2)rare accidents,high out put.1200m/hour

3)operate totally autamatic

4)ideal equipment.

5)patented products.


Company Information:

Dongguan LIXIN Machinery found in 1992, acting as a professionalmanufacture specialized in PVC and Silicone 


Strong R&D team and years of experience earn us a good reputation in many countries. 

Our oversea office in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia will ensure a good service in those countries.

We are growing better and moving faster