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High frequency welding machine shipment to india

2016/6/18 8:46:02 Click£º

 High frequency welding machine is the first choice of plastic heat sealing machine,

it is the use of high frequency electric field make plastic internal molecular oscillation 

due to heat and fusion of various kinds of products. Mainly used for: all kinds of 

polyvinyl chloride (PVC)plastic welding, welding, stamping, etc. Blister packaging

 (including upper and lower double blister MWCNTS trimming, blister and cardboard 

MWCNTS trimming, etc.), car inner decoration, cushion, trademarks, stationery, 

stickers, plastic cover, blowing toys, footwear products, rain sails, umbrellas, raincoats, 

handbags, nameplate, water bed, sun visor, car doors, all kinds of bags, such as 

portable soft bag heat-sealing processing, all kinds of concave and convex decorative 

pattern design of the switch, alphabetic repression. Fitted with a simple device can

also be hot stamping processing.

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